ACS Ministries, Inc.

ACS Ministries, Inc., is the community outreach program, whose ministries guided by the diligent works of the ACS Ministries teams, who work diligently ACS Ministries focus on serving those in need. There ministries increase as the needs of the Mobile community increase. They provide services for people who live in the entire Mobile County area. People who need help know that they can receive help from St. John’s , and the evangelists work together with other community agencies to help these people. 

St. John's Deliverance Temple

The primary mission of St. John’s Deliverance Temple is to serve God first by finding a need in the community and serving that need. Their goal is to work towards saving souls by teaching the word of God, and accepting people where they are on their journey with God. St. John’s mission philosophy is “We are the mini-ministry with the mega outreach.” Although the congregation is small, their outreach to the community grows. When they see a need, they find a way to fill it. Whether it is beginning a new program and having new volunteers in the outreach or finding community resources to help someone, the evangelists who do their mission work in the community are always reaching out to others. 

Founded by: Pastor Betty Brooks, Pastor Veronica Cogdell
Overseer: Apostle Cleveland Smith
Address: 2525 Valley Forge Road, Coolsprings, SC 29511 
Phone: (843) 358-0054
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2274, Conway, SC 29528 Wednesday Prayer Meeting  

Bible Class: Sunday Morning 11:00 AM
Pastor Resident: (252) 375-5657

Radio Ministry 

The 30-year old outreach radio program serves both Mobile County and Mississippi Gulf Coast areas, with the radio broadcast aired on four radio stations. It is their belief that “by delivering the message of God’s love through radio that we will reach individuals who may not have a congregation nearby, or who are homebound, or who aren’t aware of this remarkable love from our God.”

Homebound Fellowship Ministry

An important evangelistic ministry is visiting the homebound members of both our congregation and community. Our missionaries provide worship services, prayer and guidance, and fellowship in homes and at nursing homes, assisted living centers, community centers, and hospitals. 

Christian Education

Family and community members have an opportunity to honor their loved ones who have passed on to God by making a donation to the memorial fund at St. John’s Deliverance Temple. 

Christian Education 

One of Pastor Smith’s passions is making sure that children have quality education, from birth to adult age. He saw a need for Christian education in the community and planned for a school. 

Without any governmental assistance, grants or loans, Pastor Smith founded St. John’s Christian Academy in 1986, to alleviate some of the educational issues children in the Mobile County area were facing. The school has produced resounding alumnus - some graduates are now public and private school teachers, photographers, music directors, entrepreneurs, state and federal employees, and accountants, who continue to make a difference in their communities today. This school uses the Biblically-based Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. The school has recently been renamed “ St John’s School of Tomorrow.” 

But the vision to provide quality education did not stop with the school. In December 2005, the addition of a child care center to the educational program now helps single moms and grandparents with their preschool children. Thus, providing quality education from six weeks through age 18. 

Prison Ministry 

The prison ministry mission area is very important to St. John’s evangelists, as they provide worship, prayer and fellowship to juvenile and adult offenders. The ministry began with Apostle Smith providing prayer ministry with the death row inmates at Atmore Prison, in Atmore , Alabama . Now, the ministry provides weekly worship at the Mobile Metro County Jail, and the young people provide prayer and services bi-weekly at the Strickland Youth Center . Our evangelists provide worship and pastoral counseling; and a listening ear to those who are seeking forgiveness for crimes they may have committed. 

Family Support Ministry

ACS is active in making sure that the personal needs of its membership and community are taken are of, especially during times of disaster. The food pantry provides food for families who are need food supplies. Clothing and personal items are given to those who are in need of clothes and personal care items. ACS has begun an emergency utility assistance program for Hurricane Katrina victims. And, most of all, they have a ‘listening ear’ – just for those who want to talk and have no one to listen to them. 

Family Memorial 

Family and community members have an opportunity to honor their loved ones who have passed on to God by making a donation to the memorial fund at St. John’s Deliverance Temple. 

Conference and Celebration

 Celebrating its 32nd anniversary, each year St. John’s Deliverance Temple sponsors a rejuvenating conference to celebrate God, give thanks for his blessings and the church’s ministries, and to praise Him. This week-long event is packed with signing and praise, worship and prayer and lots of praise from the church’s members, special guests and anyone comes to celebrate with them. A truly remarkable event – a true Victory Lovefeast.

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