St. John's Deliverance School of Tommorrow

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Diploma & Cost

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Diplomas - This curriculum offers 3 types of Diplomas

General Course of Study - This course of study is the minimum course of study for a standard High School Diploma.
    Minimum Total Credits - 28

Honors Course of Study - The Honors student must complete 35 Credits (33-minimum, depending on GPA and Entrance Exam Scores), and attain a 97 percent average. Be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in written and oral presentations. Score at least 22 on the ACT, 1000 on the SAT, and 12.9 on the CAT (or equivalent achievement test).

College Preparatory Course of Student - Students who choose this category are those who have the ability to prepare for college. Careful consideration should be given to the entrance requirements of the type of Colleges they plan to attend. Courses will vary among students. College catalogs should be referenced by candidates and parents to select specific courses that need to be completed in high school to meet specific college entrance requirements.

    Minimum Total Credits - 38

    - Graduates from our Academy have been accepted with open Academics arms at various Colleges across the United States

    - Mobile College-Bishop State-Stillman College-University of South Alabama

    - University of Chicago- Morehouse University

Registration and Tuition Schedule

Financial Policies

Payment Plan A. Weekly/Bi-Weekly

    Payments are due on Monday and no later than Wednesday. Late fees assessed after Wednesday are subject to 5% penalty.

Payment Plan B. Monthly

    Payments are due on the 1st of the month. If paid on time, a 2% discount is given. Fees paid after the 5th of the month are subject to 5% penalty. Students will not be admitted to class if payments are one month in arrears. Students attending one day or more of any period will owe the full period's tuition. If two checks are returned, the account is put on a cash basis.

Please note: We are unable to accept postdated checks. NO REFUNDS

Tuition and other fees:
Registration Fees: All Grades: $75.00
K-3 = $300.00 Monthly
Grades 4-6 = $330.00 Monthly
Grades 7-9 =$365.00 Monthly
Grades 10-12= $385.00 Monthly

Diagnostic Testing: Grades 2nd through 8th
Phase 1 & 2: $110.00

Student Convention Fees:
Ages 7-12 - $100.00
Ages 13-18 - $250.00

Books Fees Monthly:
Grades 5th - 12th - $75.00

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